“The Stooges are one of Rock music’s most essential elements” – Henry Rollins


“The Stooges are one of Rock music’s most essential elements. Without the Stooges considerable contribution, the Punk and Independent music scenes that came after would not have been the same. The music of the Stooges is that crucial. In the decades since their release, the Stooges albums have not lost an ounce of speed and remain constants in my listening.

In the beginning of 2009, Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton passed away. While family, friends, band members and fans all over the world mourned the loss, no formal tribute was made. So, on April 19 in Ann Arbor MI, we address that. The Stooges, with James Williamson and Deniz Tek on guitar, will play. It’s going to be a great and memorable night.

I can’t wait for the show! To see the Stooges play in Michigan will really be something. I am honored to be a part of the evening’s proceedings. “

Henry Rollins

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