“The Stooges” 50th Anniversary


This August 5th marks the 50th anniversary of “The Stooges” album, and undoubtedly, one of the most important pieces of music in our times. It seems so long ago, and yet just like yesterday, when 4 young guys with a dream to play music went off to New York to make their dreams come true, and come true they did. It seemed so easy back then, and probably because it was. These four Stooges would have their careers handed to them one night at a little gig they played in Ann Arbor. It became their whole life. And as many of you know, they went on to make the, “second most important piece of music” in our times, but we’re here to celebrate when it all started. Fifty years ago! It’s so hard to believe and so hard to not have Ronny, Scotty, and Dave not here to be a part of this historic celebration. That hurts. But we want to rejoice in their amazing accomplishments and their incredible talent and the great music they gave us that will live on till the end of time. And big kudos to Jim, Iggy, our brother, who is still out there rockin’ the Stooges legacy. And if we do say so, just as marvelous as he did 50 years ago. Yep! You still got it, Iggy!

To commemorate this special occasion we have created a 50th-anniversary limited edition T-shirt, available now on our Merch page.

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