Benefit Concert for the Ron Asheton Foundation – Sydney, Australia


Benefit Concert for the Ron Asheton Foundation - Sydney, AustraliaA stellar line-up of Australian bands – including the Hoodoo Gurus, will be playing a benefit show for the Ron Asheton Foundation at the Manning Bar at Sydney University on Friday, December 6.

The influence of Asheton and his band mates held sway over the underground music scene in Australia like few others. From Sydney’s Radio Birdman to Brisbane’s Saints and Melbourne’s Birthday Party, innumerable bands owed a debt.

Ron toured Australia with the Stooges on The Big Day Out Festivals and once with New Race, which included members of Radio Birdman and the MC5, and his own Dark Carnival.

Proceeds from the show will go to the Ron Asheton Foundation, which supports animal welfare and music.

Legendary post Radio Birdman band The Visitors, led by Ron’s close friend Deniz Tek, will headline the night, making one of only a handful of appearances since disbanding in 1979.

ARIA Rock and Roll Hall of Famers the Hoodoo Gurus will appear as special guests with a short and sharp set put together just for this occasion.

The New Christs, the band fronted by Deniz’s ex-Birdman band mate Rob Younger, will join them on the heavyweight bill.

The SC5 – a sporadic Sydney tribute to Stooges contemporaries the MC5 – and The Four Stooges, reprising songs of the Stooges, will round out the list. Both bands feature a range of Sydney rock scene luminaries.

“Ron’s distinctive guitar style and its impact on rock and roll around the world can’t be under estimated and this is a small way that we can honor his memory and support a great cause,” said Deniz Tek, an organizer of the night.

Exclusive merchandise will be on sale at the gig, including a DVD of a tribute show performed in Ron’s honor, headlined by Iggy & the Stooges at the Michigan Theater in his hometown of Ann Arbor.

It’s truly an honor to have such extraordinary support from Australia!

Thank you, Deniz Tek, The Visitors, Hoodoo Gurus, New Christs, SC5, the Four Stooges and the I-94 Bar, for putting on this amazing show!

Thanks for supporting Ron, and the Ron Asheton Foundation.

– Kathy Asheton

4 Responses to Benefit Concert for the Ron Asheton Foundation – Sydney, Australia

  1. jodi "jj" adams says:

    Hi Kathy and crew

    This is Jodi (aka “JJ” – my old rock writing name) Adams who sent you the story of being on the New Race tour but being too shy to talk to Ron.

    One more sleep to go til the Manning Bar gig – couldn’t be more excited if I was a kid on the night before Christmas!

    Booked a ticket when they first went on sale and am also volunteering at the gig, probably doing merch desk as I am an old hand at it – done many charity gigs selling t’s, CDs etc.

    People are coming from all over Australia for this show…will be a wonderful reunion of folks who have known each other for decades (and loved Detroit music since their teens!).

    Hopefully there will also be a lot of wide-eyed young’uns who are about to (1) discover that people over 30 can play rock and roll with the best of them and (2) fall in love with that crazy kinda music that has sustained us through parenthood/family care responsibilites/sad losses/white hair/creaky knees etc etc!

    You couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to be playing, both in terms of their musicianship and also their quality as top grade human beings.

    Dave from the Gurus did a wonderful plug on our major Sydney AM radio show this morning and will undoubtedly plug it again tomorrow afternoon when he will be appearing on the same station beforehand.

    I hope we Aussies do the Foundation (and Ron) proud!

    And with Christmas shortly upon us, I (and many friends who will be attending) send best wishes and hugs to you, Ron’s famiy, and his friends…I know only too well how Christmas Day is never quite the same when you have lost someone dear.

    • Hello Jodi,

      What a beautiful note. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your heartfelt words, they really mean a lot. And thank you for your support to Ron’s foundation! I wish I was there. Kathy

  2. Fintán Ó Laighin says:

    What a great night – five bands playing short sharp sets. I’ve never seen so many people at a concert for the first band in a 5-band program! The Four Stooges played five or six tracks from FunHouse (and did it well), the SC5 were a lot of fun (and are playing again at the Annandale in January), the New Christs were awesome (as one would expect) as were the Hoodoo Gurus – a highlight was their final song, a cover of “I Got a Right” with Rob Younger guesting on vocals, and The Visitors were brilliant. While they did mainly Visitors songs, their set included “Dirt” and, after a two song encore, came back a second time to do Birdman’s “Hand of Law”. What a finish to the night. The (very friendly) merchandise stall included the concert poster and a black t-shirt imprinted with a white version of the concert poster. Thanks to Deniz Tek and the organisers, and to the bands and staff for donating their time. I hope this entire show gets released on DVD.

  3. jodi jj adams says:

    Thanks for the posting Fintán – I was one of the (very friendly) crew on the merch stall and had a wonderful time too (fortunately one can hear/see the bands from the stall). I am not sure if it was filmed – will try and find out what the story is – but would be great if it was!